Dual Credit

In Indiana, dual credit courses are those which high school students may take to earn both high school and college credits. Dual credit is one of several options in which a high school student may fulfill Core 40 with Academic Honors or Technical Honors.

According to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, “The State of Indiana regards the offering of rigorous dual credit courses as means for expanding early access to postsecondary opportunities, encouraging students to pursue higher education, and increasing college completion rates.”

Information gathered from www.TransferIN.net

North High School currently offers dual credit courses through the University of Southern Indiana and Ivy Tech Community College.


For more information about CAP credit earned through USI, please click on the following link: www.usi.edu/cap

For more information about dual credits earned through Ivy Tech, please click on the following link: http://www.ivytech.edu/dual-credit/

1. PreCalc – Huebner/Sandage 

2. Trig CC - Huebner/ Sandage

3. Eng. 11CC – Martin 

4. Eng. 12CC – Martin 

5. Student Media – Martin 

6. Creative Writing – Punke 

7. Spanish IV – Kinnaird 

8. French IV – Ruckman 

                9. Gov. (We the People) – Scheller 

10. Psychology – Shelton 

11. Chem. II – Himmelhaver/Lawson 

12. Organic BioChem – Himmelhaver

13. Anatomy – M. Smith 

14. Digital Apps – Camp 

15. Computer Illustration & Graphics – Kirsch

16. Principles of Business - Kirsch

17. Intro to Engineering – Bobbitt 

18.. Principles of Engineering – Bobbitt


Mrs. Maren Smith- [email protected]

Dual Credit Coordinator

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